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Special Education Math Teacher (186)

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TitleSpecial Education Math Teacher
Posting ID186


Credentials: State Licensure or Certification

Education Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Minimum)

Training or Experience Required:  

Completion of student teaching; Demonstration of Content Knowledge when teaching assignment is in ESSA category required to meet highly qualified standards.  


Reports to:  Building Principal


Job Goal (Purpose of position):  
Performs professional level duties under minimal supervision to instruct students in accordance with state and district curricular standards and policies pertaining to education of students.


Contact with Others:  
Has regular contact with students, other teachers, support and administrative staff, and parents.  Contact requires tact and diplomacy and independent judgment such as problem solving, interpreting policies and procedures based on experience, and providing counseling or mediation techniques as appropriate.


Other performance Measures:  
Good people skills are essential to the successful performance of the job.  Following safety guidelines and policies are critical to the safety of the teacher, other staff and students. Adherence to district dress standards, proper attendance/leave policies, and other work habits are important to maintaining discipline and respect in an environment conducive to learning.  Creativity, initiative and effective problem solving are important to delivering instruction in accordance with the Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Model and other state and district standards.


Essential Job Functions:


  • Teaches via the inclusive model and provides effective instruction in support of the classroom teacher.
  • Provides supplemental instruction
  • Provides remedial instruction as needed
  • Conduct student assessment to determine remedial/supplemental needs of the students
  • Familiar with and able to conduct multiple assessments
  • Supervises students in the classroom and throughout the building and grounds throughout the work day. Maintains proper classroom discipline
  • Maintain a positive learning environment that stimulates to learn in both an active and passive mode
  • Instructs students according to the approved curriculum and state and district standards.  Prepares lessons that progress sequentially and offer alternate ways for learning.
  • Prepares lesson plans as required by Principal.  Keeps accurate grade books, records and reports pursuant to school or district policy.
  • Demonstrates the desired skills. Cares for and effectively assists students.  Models friendships, acceptance and recognition.
  • Possesses and maintains adequate knowledge of subject matter to teach effectively.
  • Establishes effective instructional objectives.  Explains purpose and procedure for completing as assignment. Provides sufficient directions.
  • Encourages effective learning with proper teaching techniques.  Involves learners and encourages individual response. Establishes activities that require independent student participation.
  • Properly monitors student activities and progress through grading and feedback.  Provides for supervised study.
  • Ensures students are acquiring skills and knowledge to apply principles, theories and other learning.  Adjust teaching methods based on monitoring of student progress.
  • Improves student achievement regarding successful completion of assignments and assessments, as well as attitude, attendance and receptivity.  Provides an opportunity for all students to achieve based upon their learning capacity.
  • Contributes to the effectiveness/quality of school programs, including extracurricular programs.  Actively supports and looks for ways to improves the quality of education, including cooperating with other school personnel.  Serves on committees with a constructive attitude. Continues to be involved in personal growth and development. Cares for and effectively assists students with special concerns.  Interacts constructively with parents. Attends school and district meetings as required by administration.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



Supervision Exercised:  
Employee is responsible for supervision of students in the classroom and throughout the school building during the work day.  Employee is responsible for maintaining order and disciplining students in accordance with the district policy. Employees does not supervise other employees, except for student teachers or entry-year teaches teachers assigned to the employee.


Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions

In an eight-hour work day, the employee must sit, stand or walk for varying lengths in order to deliver instruction and properly supervise students throughout the school building as required.  Employee’s job requires occasional reaching above the shoulder to write on a chalkboard. Job requires occasional bending/stooping or squatting/crouching to interact with students at their desks, on the floor or at eye level.  Job requires occasional carrying/lifting up to ten pounds to transport instructional materials to the classroom from other parts of the building. Employee must possess manual dexterity sufficient to write on a chalkboard. Employee must possess enough visual ability to supervise students in the classroom, hallways and large areas such as auditoriums and cafeterias.  Employee must possess hearing ability to supervise students and to interact with students individually and in group settings. Employee must possess speaking requirement enough to deliver instruction throughout the work day in the classroom and supervise students throughout the school building. Employee must have mobility enough to interact with students during instructional delivery and supervise students throughout the day.  Employee must have mental requirement to deliver instruction in accordance with state and district standards such as Oklahoma Academic Skills and the Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Model. Job requires working outdoors in various temperatures to supervise students on lunch or playground duty and during field trips.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer negotiated agreement
LocationWestern Heights Middle School

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/17/2019

Job Contact

NameBilly HiattTitlePrincipal