10th grade education and equivalent experience is required in lieu of high school training.


Training or Experience Required:
At least one year of related work experience.


Special Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:
Communication skills (oral, written, or business): Basic communication skills to understand and respond to job instructions, to exchange information. Includes filling out forms.


Mathematical Skills:
Uses basic addition and subtraction in performance of job.(i.e. mixing cleaning fluids from concentrate)


Reading and Interpreting:
Reads and interprets routine written or printed materials such as labels on chemicals (mix chemicals) basic charts, diagrams, or instruction material for equipment.


Tools and Equipment Usage:

Uses tools or equipment in a manner requiring competence and must meet certain performance standards which normally would be gained by on the job exposure or training. The most difficult equipment/operation includes the stripping/waxing and buffing of floors with high-speed buffers; performs yard work and heavy lifting/moving.


Knowledge and ability to operate and maintain custodial equipment such as floor machines, lawn mowers, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, sprinklers, etc.


Ability to effectively use garden and hand tools, sprayers, etc. Knowledge of application of waxes, seals, cleaners, disinfectants, herbicides, etc.


Knowledge of the care and cleaning of asphalt tile, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, rubber tile, terrazzo, concrete, marble, wood floors, various metals, carpets and other surfaces in a building.


Reports To:
Maintenance Supervisor / Food Service Director


Job Goal (Purpose of Position):
Performs semi-skilled to skilled level custodial duties under general supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor to maintain the school premises and immediate grounds around these buildings to provide students and school employees with a safe, attractive, comfortable and clean place to work, learn, play and  develop. Perform Food Service duties under the general supervision of Food Service Director to provide meals and accurate accounting in accordance with Child Nutrition regulations.

An incumbent in this position generally proceeds alone following standardized practices and procedures. However, non-standard procedures or events may be referred to the Maintenance Supervisor for assistance. Work may be spot checked. Errors may cause unnecessary delays or minor loss of resources.


Contact with others:

An incumbent in this position has some public contact with members of own staff or district. Some interpersonal interaction or communication is required to work with staff and students.


Other Performance Measures:

Successful performance of the job requires people skills to work with students, teachers, and fellow employees. It requires following safety guidelines and policies to avoid accident and injury. It requires following school dress standards, proper attendance or leave policies, and other work-habits concerns. Since the incumbent generally works alone, the employee must use initiative and self discipline to get the work done; Must be able to cooperate with other staff members and have a positive attitude towards staff, students, and the public to enhance educational goals.


Essential Job Functions/Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Keeps buildings and premises, including sidewalks, driveways, grounds, and play areas neat and clean at all times. Empties trash cans in all rooms and offices daily. Picks up litter as needed. Cleans corridors/hallways after school each day, and when necessary during the day. Cleans up after special events.
  2. Cleans and disinfects restrooms, drinking fountains at least daily or more often when needed.
  3. Maintains floors in a clean and attractive condition, which includes sweeping, mopping, waxing, buffing, stripping, sealing, etc. Performs heavier stripping/waxing and moving of furniture during non-school time.
  4. Vacuums/sweeps classrooms, gyms, and other locations daily. Dusts furniture, baseboards, bookshelves, etc. Cleans walls.
  5. Assumes responsibility for the opening and closing of gates and the buildings each school day and for determining that all doors and windows are properly secured, lights turned off and that security alarms are turned on.' Raises/lowers flag if appropriate.
  6. Makes minor repairs/service to building and equipment and reports major repairs to Maintenance Supervisor. Such repair includes but not limited to: replacing ceiling tiles, repairing floor tile, repairing playground equipment, installing chalkboards, pencil sharpeners, toilet paper holders, paper towel cabinets, etc.
  7. Regulates heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system to provide temperatures appropriate to the season and to ensure economical usage of gas, water and electricity.
  8. Maintains, cleans and replaces filters for and accomplishes routine preventive maintenance as required for heating and air conditioning equipment to ensure maximum operating efficiency.
  9. Moves furniture or equipment within buildings as required.
  10. Washes windows both inside and outside when needed.
  11. Replaces light bulbs, light ballasts, paints/cleans up graffiti, etc.
  12. Performs some related grounds keeping duties such as mowing, weed eating, seeding, sodding, watering, and spraying.
  13. Assist in preparation and deliver meals from Council Grove, a complete and accurate record of who received the meals must be returned to the Food Service Manager at Council Grove by 12:30 daily. (Unused meals must be returned complete.)
  14. All food or drink must be consumed in the Lunchroom. Any items not consumed at that meal will be thrown away.
  15. A working rapport will be maintained with the site Administrator. However the site Administrator is not in the chain of command.
  16. Performs related custodial duties as assigned.
  17. Subject to being "on call" as needed for emergencies.

Supervision exercised:

An incumbent does not supervise.


Physical/Mental Requirements and Working conditions:

In a workday, the employee must stand/walk approximately 7-8 hours per day. Employee's job requires frequent to continuous bending/stooping; squatting/crouching; occasional to frequent crawling/kneeling; frequent climbing (height 6-foot ladder to change lights); frequent to continuous reaching above shoulder; continuous pushing/pulling.

Employee's job requires frequent lifting 50-75 pounds and occasional carrying/lifting over 75 pounds. Such major lifting is to move furniture/tables, equipment and supplies generally during the off-school months. Job requires employee to use both feet for repetitive movements as in operating foot controls. Job requires employee to use both hands for such repetitive actions requiring simple/firm grasping and/or fine manipulation.

Employee must possess manual dexterity/visual ability to operate custodial and grounds equipment, to-see area to be mowed, sodded, cleaned, mopped, etc. Employee must possess hearing/speaking ability to communicate with fellow workers and the students/public.

Employee must have mental requirement to understand and follow instructions and avoid safety problems. Employee's job may require working on a step ladder; Use of/close to custodial equipment; working in the outdoors with temperature changes - operating motorized equipment (substitute bus driver: See working conditions for Bus Driver) and exposure to toxic chemicals, dust, fumes, etc. Uses a safety belt/strap to lift heavy objects especially during the summer to move furniture.